Appliance Repair Tips: Which Kitchen Appliances are Worth Repairing?

We live in a world where a lot of things have built-in obsolescence. We buy things knowing that they have a short lifespan and that they are likely to need to be replaced around about the time that the warranty runs out. Some people buy extended warranties expecting issues, some people throw appliances away when they fail.

It’s one thing to replace an inexpensive kettle or microwave oven, but there are some kitchen appliances that are worth repairing, and where you could save a lot of money if you fixed the appliance instead of taking out a loan to buy a new one.

Kitchen appliances worth repairing include ovens and hobs, dishwashers, and in some cases vacuum cleaners and fridges/freezers. You might want Kitchenaid appliance repair and washer dryer repairs too, depending on how old it is.

One good rule of thumb to observe when you are considering whether to repair or replace a product is how much the repair will cost versus how much it would cost to buy a new device. Often, once one part has failed other failures won’t be far behind, so if you’re forking out half or more of the cost of the appliance then it could be a false economy to repair it. If the cost of the repair is less than a third of the cost of the appliance, however, it could make sense to repair it.

Of course, it’s worth looking at what else is on the market. That expensive fridge may have been amazing when it was new, but it could be outdated now. If there are more energy-efficient models on the market then an upgrade could end up saving you money in the long term. Of course, if you do replace appliance instead of considering an appliance repair, make sure you use a trade-in service or have the old appliance recycled, rather than sent to the tip.